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A New Year in Business: Mapping Out Your Financial Future in Our Breakfast Seminar

A New Year in Business: Mapping Out Your Financial Future in Our Breakfast Seminar

What’s your New Year’s resolution – does it include mapping out the future of your business?

As a business owner in Toronto, one of the most renowned and globally competitive markets, maintaining profitability and ensuring a stable financial future requires considering its outlook as 2017 ends and a new year filled with opportunities begins. It pays to be steps ahead of impending shifts in the market, which starts with identifying the risks associated with your business, and planning for the future with these in mind.

Whether you are planning for internal succession of ownership, or you will be selling your business in the coming years, business valuation, succession planning, adopting value enhancement initiatives, and pre-sale planning efforts form part of securing your financial outlook as you transition to life after business.

Effective Succession Planning

A key aspect in planning for the future of your business and its outlook in 2018 is succession planning. An effective plan is part of an ongoing process in business, not just a one-time event.

Succession planning answers the question – what’s next? Expanding your business, cementing its position in the market, and growing its value are long-term efforts you will want to continue, even after you hand over control to the next generation, or sell your business for a profitable margin.

Effectively planning ahead for this transition presents you opportunities for, and sufficient time to implement key initiatives that help grow the value of your business and ensure its profitability in the future before the transition takes place.

Breakfast Seminar: An Invitation

Through Strategic Growth Counsel we are pleased to invite business owners like you to a special breakfast presentation. Here, we aim to discuss the most common and significant risk factors business owners commonly face. When left unaddressed, these risks can prevent you from meeting your exit or succession goals.

Join us in our Breakfast Seminar on January 17th 2018. Reserve your slot here.

What You Will Learn

The breakfast seminar seeks to address major concerns and questions business owners like you may have, and equip you with knowledge on how to tackle the challenges brought on by impending succession of ownership. The seminar will address the most common risks business owners face, such as:

  • Neglecting to maximize the value of their business and failing to command a premium acquisition price;
  • Not minimizing or deferring income taxes;
  • Lack of pre-sale due diligence in both legal and financial aspects of the transaction.

Mapping Out the Future of Your Business

An effective exit plan allows you to develop a strategy for profitably exiting your business when the time comes. Starting with a business valuation that informs you of how much your business is currently worth in the market, business valuators can work with you in identifying initiatives you can adopt to grow the value of your business, and ensure sound financial health when the transition is due to take place. Doing this ensures that your business sells for a premium in the market, which you can greatly profit from, and help secure your financial future as well.

For when succession in your business culminates its sale to an external party, drawing up a pre-sale plan should be your next step. Informed by insights resulting from a business valuation, and ongoing value enhancement initiatives, pre-sale planning helps ensure that the value of your business in the market is maximized at the time of the sale, resulting in a profitable outcome.

Transition to life after business with ease and confidence brought on by ensuring a secure financial outlook. Whether you are passing on ownership or selling your business, get in touch with us to learn how you can benefit from effective succession planning.