What Makes VSP Different?

What Makes VSP Different?

Our promise to each client is to provide:

Personalized Service – personalized and high quality service tailored to meet the specific objectives of each client. We do not hand off our files to junior, inexperienced professionals. Senior professionals are involved from beginning to end.

Ongoing Support – valuation support is provided from beginning to end – and beyond. We provide a range of ongoing services to enable our clients to maximize the benefits of a valuation (e.g. facilitate and monitor value enhancement initiatives, pre-sale planning, exit planning, annual valuation updates, etc.). Our clients in the legal community depend on us to provide ongoing litigation support from the inception of a dispute (e.g. examination for discovery, document production, preliminary damages assessment, etc.) through to its completion (e.g. settlement, mediation, arbitration or Court).

A Formalized Process – we follow a formalized process with each engagement to ensure that the file is conducted as thoroughly and efficiently as possible. Our clients appreciate that we openly communicate this process to them at the outset of the engagement. This transparency allows them to understand what will be involved, what to expect and what is expected of them throughout the process.

Experienced Professionals – our partners and principals have over 100 years of combined experience providing clients with valuation support, litigation support, exit planning and transaction advisory support, accounting, tax and other business consulting services.

High Quality Product – our analysis, reports and expert testimony are the culmination of our ability to balance a ‘big picture’ perspective with the ‘attention to detail’ that is required to provide independent, reasonable and supportable conclusions. It is this approach that allows us to analyze complex financial matters and communicate them in an effective and more simplified way.

Resource Network – we have the backing and support of a long-standing, multi-service accounting firm with significant expertise in accounting, tax and other business and financial matters. We have access to 7 partners/principals and over 15 professional and support staff which enables us to manage sizable files.

Independence – our clients can expect to receive an independent and objective assessment of value or damages. We are a specialty boutique firm, which significantly decreases the risk of there being a real or perceived conflict of interest.

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