10 Steps to Critiquing an Expert Report – Part II

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10 Steps to Critiquing an Expert Report – Part II

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Earlier, we gave you the first five steps you can follow to review and critique an expert report on damages or business valuation in commercial, shareholder, and matrimonial disputes. Below are the next five steps to ensure an effective review of the expert report. These lead to a deeper understanding of the implications of the expert’s valuation or damages report on your case, and allow your legal team to build a better, stronger case in court. Identify and Assess the Assumed Damages Period The next key consideration is identifying and assessing the reasonableness of the period over which damages were […]

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10 Steps to Critiquing an Expert Report – Part I

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Chartered Business Valuators (CBVs) are frequently retained as independent experts in commercial, shareholder or matrimonial disputes to prepare an independent, expert damages or valuation report; as well as review an opposing expert’s report.  This independent and objective assistance is intended to help facilitate a settlement and/or assist a trier of fact render a decision in court.  As a business owner or lawyer representing a client in the middle of such proceedings, it’s important to have an effective method for reviewing an expert damages or business valuation report you are served with, allowing you to build and strengthen your case. Here […]

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The Final Step to Reviewing a Business Valuation Report – Consult a CBV

You have now completed your review of a business valuation report by considering: The type of valuation report; The author’s credentials and qualifications; Any scope limitations underlying the conclusions; The valuation approach(es) adopted; The reasonableness of the projected cash flows or historical normalization items; The reasonableness of the discount rate, capitalization rate or valuation multiplier; Any redundant assets owned by the business; The income tax implications; and The overall reasonableness of the value conclusion. The final step involves consulting an independent Chartered Business Valuator (CBV). In the context of a legal dispute (e.g. commercial, shareholder or matrimonial dispute) this step […]

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Enhance Value, Manage Wealth, Avoid Costly Legal Disputes

This past week I presented to a group of business owners on the importance of having a professional business valuation.  In addition to many situations where an independent business valuation is required (e.g. estate freeze, shareholder or matrimonial dispute litigation, purchase or sale of business, etc.), a business valuation can also be a very powerful planning tool.   Speaking as a professional business valuator, obviously I am biased.  However, you will find that others agree, as evidenced by the following:   “It is important to get a professional business valuation, since owners may grossly overestimate or underestimate the value of their business.” [1] […]

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