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The customer base is a key value driver for most businesses.  In addition to a diversified client base and the potential for future revenue growth, purchasers are very interested in companies that have strong customer relationships that lead to repeat business.

Developing a business that is less reliant on the owner is a key value driver for many businesses.  Purchasers are very interested in assessing the extent to which sales will continue and the business will carry on under new ownership. 

Relationships can break down over time.  Many of us have experienced this with a friend, spouse or business partner.  Shareholder disputes are among the most contentious and frequent types of business disputes.  In addition, over 40% of marriages will end in divorce before the 50th year of marriage. [1]

Developing a business that is not economically dependent on a single customer, supplier or employee is a key value driver for many businesses.  Economic dependence increases business risk and decreases business value. 

Maximizing the net proceeds received from the sale of a business is a common goal for many business owners.  This will only be accomplished with enough time to implement an effective strategy for maximizing value and minimizing taxes.

Size and scalability is a key value driver for most businesses.  Larger businesses are perceived to be more substantial and stable organizations than smaller companies.  These businesses have found a way to grow beyond the efforts of the owner(s) and become less reliant on the owner. 

Having a competitive advantage or industry niche is a key value driver for many businesses.  A potential purchaser will be very interested in a business that has a unique and meaningful product/service offering or one that has reduced or eliminated competition in the marketplace.

Chartered Business Valuators (CBVs) support the business and legal communities in matters which include, but are not necessarily limited to, business valuation, value enhancement, exit planning and litigation support.