Top 10 Essential Factors to Ensure a Premium Business Valuation & Purchase Offer

Selling Your Business

Top 10 Essential Factors to Ensure a Premium Business Valuation & Purchase Offer

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It’s no secret that the key to surviving in business is rising above the fray of competition each of your industry peers have long been engaged in. Doing so raises your company’s value, resulting in a premium business valuation that helps your business stand out and be a more valuable asset or potential acquisition than any other member of its industry peer group, such as similar businesses in the GTA. With the help of a business valuation expert and your accountant, you can increase your company’s value and turn it into a prime acquisition target by making these 10 factors […]

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Financial Performance as a Key Value Driver in Business Valuation

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As a business owner, you may be focused on growing your business and boosting its profitability.  Doing so can also drive the value of your business, increasing the net proceeds that will be available to you when you eventually exit your business.  A valuation of your business in Ontario can help you identify key factors to leverage to increase the value of your business, opening the door to a favorable future. One key factor to leverage when driving the value of your business is its financial performance. This includes your company’s history of producing revenue and profits combined with the […]

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Driving Your Business’ Value with a Company Valuation Service

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It’s been established that there will come a day when you will exit your own business due to any number of reasons; this could be voluntarily, such as retirement or a sale, or involuntarily due to death, disability, disaster, divorce or dispute. Regardless of the circumstance, it is in your best interest as business owner in the GTA to obtain a company valuation service to help prepare for your and your business’ future. As you prepare for the future, one of your goals could be to increase the value of your business to best profit from it; whether you are […]

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The Importance of Business Valuation when Selling Your Business in the GTA

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Valuation reports are a key part of any pending transaction concerning your business. When selling your business in the GTA, obtaining a professional, independent business valuation helps manage your expectations with respect to the business’ market value and how much it can be sold for. A valuation report also provides useful information for entering into negotiations with a potential purchaser. When done early enough, it can help you identify areas in your business you should focus on to enhance its value prior to the sale. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of a valuation when selling your business […]

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Top Benefits of a Professional Business Valuation

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As a seasoned business owner, it is common to enjoy an intuitive understanding of the importance of knowing the value of your business. Essentially this constitutes knowing what and how much it is worth based on current market conditions and its industry position, set against the amount of work you have put into fostering its growth over the years and the available resources for continuing your work. However, many owners these days miss out on the fact that the current value of their business represents a significant portion of their personal overall wealth. To stay on track both for the […]

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6 Ways a Business Valuation Prepares You for an External Sale

According to studies on business succession in Canada, more than one third of those surveyed are expecting to sell their business externally to a third party. [1] “We should remember that good fortune often happens when opportunity meets with preparation.” ― Thomas A. Edison Business owners looking to sell their business to an external third party should take note. There is tremendous opportunity to sell for a significant premium because many business owners are not properly preparing. The preparation for this begins with a business valuation and solid value enhancement plan. The good fortune comes in the form of a […]

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Selling Your Business in the Coming Decade? It Pays to be Prepared

Proper preparation will greatly increase your chances of maximizing the net sale proceeds when you sell. Although preparation takes time, effort and attention, the benefits of planning far outweigh the costs. “Built to Sell” author, John Warrillow, discusses two such benefits in his recent blog entries ( A takeaway from reading John’s recent articles is that proper preparation will greatly improve your chances of: i) selling for a significant premium; and ii) avoiding buyer trickery. Let’s consider at each of these in turn. Selling for a Significant Premium: According to Mr. Warrillow’s recent research, companies that scored over 80 on […]

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Smart Business Owners Share a Common Goal

Are you on track to meet your business goals for 2013? What are your goals for 2014? How often do you actually write down your goals for the coming year? I find that business owners generally do have predetermined revenue and/or profit targets. While those are important, there is another goal that can have an even bigger payoff: building a sellable business. You may say that you are not ready to sell. That’s not relevant. Here are five reasons why building a sellable business should be your most important goal, regardless of when you plan to exit your business: 1. […]

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Take a Picture of Your Business to Enhance its Value!

A few weeks ago a friend of mine was telling me about a new exercise routine he had been following to help him lose weight and improve his overall health. It was visually apparent to me that he had achieved success with this new program. When he showed me his progression through weekly photos of himself, however, I immediately bought into his exercise routine as well as his commitment and motivation to its success. More recently, my brother sent me a current photo of himself and one from one month earlier. He is currently training for a competition and I […]

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5 Ways to Increase Your Odds of Receiving an Unsolicited Offer

In any negotiation, being the person who makes the first move usually puts you at a slight disadvantage. The first-mover tips their hand and reveals just how much he/she wants the asset being negotiated. Likewise, when considering the sale of your business, it is always nice to be courted, rather than being the one doing the courting. The good news is, the chances of getting an unsolicited offer from someone wanting to buy your business are actually increasing. According to the Q2, 2014 Sellability Tracker analysis released in July 2014, 16% of business owners have received an offer in the […]

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