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This week I want to discuss something vital to businesses at every stage of their life cycle – Business Plans.

Most people recognize the importance of business plans for start-up companies.  However, ...

Jason Kwiatkowski, CA, CBV, ASA, CEPA completes Level I & II Collaborative Law training to be recognized as a financial professional under the Ontario Collaborative Law Federation (OCLF). Collaborative Law, including Collaborative Divorce, is a way to resolve disputes respectfully -- without going to court -- while working with trained professionals who are committed to:

1. Negotiating a mutually acceptable settlement without having courts decide issues. 2. ...

Executors of an estate with business interests should obtain an independent professional business valuation as support for the values used in the estate administration tax ("EAT") filing, particularly in light of recent changes to EAT legislation and the potential for personal liability facing executors.

According to Statistics Canada, over 40% of marriages will end in divorce before the 50th year of marriage. [1]   Where there is a family business or where one spouse has an ownership interest in a privately held company, there may be a need for an independent business valuation in a matrimonial separation.

Business owners typically do not require an independent business valuation every year.  Or do they?

In shareholder disputes there is often an immediate need for a business valuation.  However, being proactive and obtaining an an...

Many business owners utilize life insurance as an integral part of their exit and contingency planning.  Without life insurance the overall family wealth management plan may be incomplete.

Life insurance is often used for income...

With many business owners planning to transfer the business internally to the next generation over time, one option is through an estate freeze.

In an estate freeze the business owner’s common shares are exchanged for preferred s...

According to recent studies on the business succession market in Canada, between approximately 30% and 40% of business owners surveyed are expecting to transfer the business internally to other shareholders, management, employees or a family member. [1] 

Jason Kwiatkowski, CA, CBV, ASA, CEPA delivers a presentation to various lawyers at Miller Thomson LLP on "The Role of Experts and Critiquing Expert Reports"