Business Plans

Business Plans

Do you have clarity in where your business is heading?

Studies show that business plans increase the odds of business growth and raising capital. They are imperative for start-up companies but also very important for businesses operating in high growth, mature or declining industries.

A business plan may be required for the following reasons:

  1. Help secure financing from lenders and investors
  2. Increase the chances of business success
  3. Provide focus and direction for the team
  4. Make better informed business decisions
  5. Provide a basis for measuring success
  6. Increases learning curve for new management/employees
  7. Document the achievement of forecasts ad projections
  8. Clarify business objectives, risks and strategies


Without a business plan the chances of success are greatly diminished and the likelihood of a catastrophic failure is more likely. That’s where VSP comes in. With VSP, you will work directly with experienced professionals with the expertise and credentials required to help prepare or update your business plan.

Recognizing that the business plan is a dynamic document, VSP also provides ongoing support beyond the plan’s initial preparation. VSP can help turn this plan into an action plan and facilitate implementation. Periodic updates will be required due to changes in the company’s direction, strategy or the market in which it operates.

VSP can also assist with managing the wealth associated with a private business, enhancing the value and saleability of the company and share valuations which may be required for many different reasons as the business evolves.

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