Intangible Asset Valuation

Intangible Asset Valuation

What intangible assets have you developed or acquired? Have you acquired a business with significant intangible value? Do you need assistance with valuing intangible assets for a potential sale or for an allocation of the purchase price in a recent acquisition?

Intangible asset valuations are required for many purposes, including:

  • Financial reporting purposes
  • Purchase Price Allocations (PPA)
  • Asset Impairment Testing (goodwill and other intangible assets)
  • Purchase and sale
  • Tax planning – corporate reorganizations
  • Transfer pricing


The Process

A summary of the process we typically follow with our valuation support matters for intangible assets is as follows:

Planning Phase
Execution Phase
Reporting Phase
  1. Initial meeting to discuss background information, scope and timing of engagement
  2. Obtain signed engagement letter
  3. Provide preliminary information request
  4. Conduct preliminary research
  1. Additional research – company, industry, etc.
  2. Additional information gathering including follow-up meeting/interview of management
  3. Valuation analysis and draft report
  1. Meeting to discuss preliminary findings and draft report
  2. Refine analysis and, if necessary, gather additional information
  3. Obtain signed representation letter
  4. Issue final report

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