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VSP is a boutique professional services firm that specializes in providing independent expert valuation and related financial support services to the business and legal communities. One day you will need Valuation Support. You can be Confident that we have the Credibility to provide you with the following Support:

Most business owners understand the importance of knowing the value of their business. However, many business owners do not know the current value of their business, which can represent a significant portion of their overall wealth.

What intangible assets have you developed or acquired? Have you acquired a business with significant intangible value?

Do you have a corporate client or a commercial dispute that requires an expert in business valuation or the quantification of economic damages?

We work with business owners where an independent business valuation is required for purposes of a shareholder buyout.

We work with separating spouses and their family law lawyers where an independent business or stock option valuation is required in a Net Family Property (NFP) determination..

We work with separating couples and their family law lawyers in a collaborative setting where financial professionals are required.

All privately held business owners will one day exit their business.

It’s all about timing and maximizing the value of your business takes time.

Are you looking to sell a company in your portfolio, an intangible asset, a division or your entire business? If so, you will need valuation support.

Over the coming decade as we see the largest transfer of private wealth in history occur.

Do you have clarity in where your business is heading?



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