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Commercial Disputes


Do you have a corporate client or a commercial dispute that requires an expert in business valuation or the quantification of economic damages? If so, you and your client will need an independent, credible and experienced valuation professional to assist with your litigation to help facilitate a settlement or provide expert evidence in Court, mediation or arbitration.

We provide commercial litigators and their clients with financial litigation support, credibility and expert evidence. We work with you and your clients to investigate and quantify financial losses/economic damages, business valuations/losses, and any other financial quantifications in your corporate/commercial matters.


Call a VSP professional when you need financial assistance with the following:

  • Financial loss / economic damages quantification
  • Business or security valuation
  • Expert report preparation
  • Settlement, mediation, arbitration or Court
  • Review and critique of opposing expert reports
  • Identify other experts relevant to loss calculations
  • Document management and production
  • Questions for examination for discovery or cross examination
  • Interviewing key witnesses on financial matters
  • Conducting company, industry and economic research
  • Expert testimony

Our professionals have been retained as independent experts in the following types of matters:

  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of tender and other construction damages
  • Breach of non-compete agreement
  • Patent and copyright infringement
  • Securities litigation
  • Estate disputes
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Professional negligence
  • Insurance losses
  • Business interruption
  • Tort law



A summary of the process we typically follow with our litigation support matters is as follows:

Planning Phase

Under the planning phase we have an initial meeting to discuss certain background information and determine the scope and timing of our engagement. An engagement letter is executed and we provide a schedule of the initial information we require. Preliminary research is also conducted.

    1. Initial meeting to discuss background information, scope and timing of engagement
    2.Obtain signed engagement letter
    3. Provide preliminary information request
    4. Conduct preliminary research
    5.Preliminary review of opposing expert’s report

Execution Phase

Under the execution phase we review the initial information provided, meet with management and provide a schedule of the additional information we require and/or follow up questions we have. We also conduct additional research (e.g. company, industry, economy, etc.) and complete our valuation analysis and draft report.

    1. Assist with document production
    2. Assist with examinations for discovery
    3. Review and analysis of preliminary information received
    4. Additional research – company, industry, etc.
    5. Detailed review of opposing expert’s report
    6. Additional information gathering, including follow-up meeting/interview of management
    7. Preparation of draft report

reporting phase

Under the reporting phase we provide our draft report for management’s review, meet or speak with management to discuss the draft report, refine our analysis if necessary, obtain a signed management representation letter and issue our final report.

    1. Meeting to discuss preliminary findings and draft report
    2. Refine analysis and, if necessary, gather additional information
    3. Obtain signed representation letter
    4. Issue final report
    5. Expert testimony at court, arbitration or mediation, if necessary
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