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Value Enhancement


It’s all about timing and maximizing the value of your business takes time.

We strongly advise you to begin your value enhancement initiatives at least 3 to 5 years prior to sale/exit/transition.


Increasing the value of your business will allow you to maximize the price you receive in the eventual sale of your business. This means maximizing value from the perspective of a third party purchaser. Pre-sale planning must begin well in advance of a sale to ensure the business is “ready for sale” and that the business owners do not “leave money on the table”.

VSP has the credentials, experience and expertise to help you establish a plan to systematically increase the value of your business. Contact a VSP professional to identify your company’s key value drivers and help you:

  • (a) identify ways to enhance the Quality and Quantity of your cash flows; and
  • (b) minimize your company’s risk profile in the eyes of a potential purchaser.

We have developed a formalized process to assessing the key value drivers for your business and can provide you with recommendations on how to exploit those key value drivers to enhance the value of your business. We can also provide you with the ongoing support needed to ensure that action items are being carried out, progress is made and milestones are reached.

Click here to view a pdf summary of the value enhancement process we typically follow.

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