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Business Owners

You have been awesome to deal with.  Your report’s high quality speaks for itself.  It is well written, well laid out, and the content is solid.  Your communications were excellent, your attention to detail was evident throughout, you adhered to our tight timelines, and your pricing was reasonable.  In summary, you delivered excellent value and we hope to do business with you again.

Arman Mirchandani,
Business Owner


I found your services excellent – very professional, very easy to work with, you completed the valuation in very timely fashion.  All in all it was a pleasure to work with you.

Colleen Rodi, President
Visiontec (2008) Ltd.


Thank-you for your diligent work.  As the Director, I enjoyed working with you and was impressed by your professional skills and efforts.

Bob Guo, Director
China Wind Power


I was extremely happy with your expertise and would recommend you in a millisecond.


You were quick to understand our business and made the valuation process simple for me.  I also appreciated that you provided good service in a timely fashion.

Bud Derakhshani, President
Yoush Inc.


Thanks for all your hard work.  We really appreciated it and would recommend you to anyone!

Renuka Kulasingham & William Hsieh
Joint Rehab


Thank-you very much for your valuation report. I was extremely impressed with its thoroughness and the clarity with which you explained and justified your methodology.

Bryan Dare, Chairman of the Board
Dare Foods Limited


I was very grateful for how you walked us through the valuation process from beginning to end. I was also impressed with how you communicated your valuation analysis to us and responded to our questions on your approach and underlying assumptions.

David Shanta, Director of Finance
Unit E Investments Ltd.


I thought you did a great job, and I appreciated you taking the time before I decided to go ahead to get an idea of what
[the company] was worth. Your time before hand is what helped me decide to go ahead with the evaluation.

Mike Zollner
minority shareholder


I thought your work was outstanding and I liked your approach to conducting the valuation. It was logical and you were able to communicate it in an effective manner. Your independent valuation assisted us with our decision making process in evaluating a potential investment opportunity. I have no issues recommending you to others and have already referred you to some of my business contacts.

Ann Pompilio, VP Finance & Administration
Rogue Transportation Services Inc


Thank-you so much for your time. I walked away from our meeting feeling confident that I know exactly what I have to do next. I can’t thank you enough for the insight because I ended up not going through with the purchase. There were far too many contradictions in the numbers to make a confident decision that the risk was worth it. It was much easier for me to see those gaps after our discussion.

Sophia Rasheed


We are pleased with the outcome of your report.  You listened carefully to our request and provided a list of information that you needed.  You delivered a high quality report on time and on budget.

Ernest Wong, Project Manager
Concept 2 Clinic Inc.


I was very happy with the services you provided and would be extremely comfortable to recommend you to other businesses in need of business valuation services.  The outcome was favorable and the process was easy and straightforward, not to mention quick.  Thank you for providing great client service and being a professional ear during this process. VSP and you, Jason, were amazing throughout and I am glad we went with you for this valuation.

Jennifer Yang, President
Stryker Media Group Inc.


I thought everything about the service you provided was excellent.  Your final report and rationale went a long way to helping me achieve a positive result in my negotiations.  The final report was extremely professional and you were able to incorporate many of the risk factors associated with a business of this nature.

Jason Boyd, General Manager
Neo Valves Ltd.


I felt that your valuation work was very thorough and well-focused. Your up-front organization with respect to information requests was helpful to me in pulling the right information. Overall, I was very satisfied with the service provided.



Your assistance with my father’s situation was invaluable to me and I really appreciate you taking the time out to help me along the way.



You provide consistently excellent results from concept to finish and with complete satisfaction. You truly are a very personable and creative individual.



Your reports are well written, organized, easy to read and very professional.  You were always prompt when responding to emails/correspondence and you always provided insight and used your experience to help me determine the appropriate steps going forward which was very appreciated.  Furthermore, you always maintained a calm, professional tone in all telephone meetings with the opposing expert/lawyer.






Lawyers and Other Professional Advisors

There is nothing that comes to mind about your professional services that would suggest improvement. On the contrary, your willingness to work with us, including your provision of suggested questions for examination in chief and for cross-examination of [opposing expert], was a uniquely helpful touch.

Ross Earnshaw, Partner
Gowlings LLP


Must have been a good report. The case was settled for a very low number, compared to the demands. Thanks again.

John R. Crouchman, Legal Counsel
Mediator & Arbitrator


…the opposing party, with some encouragement from the arbitrator/mediator, caved in to our position. The arbitrator/mediator did award my client some of his costs and, specifically, awarded him an amount to reflect your work because he felt it was helpful to the resolution of the issues.

Peter Callahan, Partner


I found your work was timely, competent and professional and have no hesitation in recommending you to others.

Jim Parks
Cassels Brock


I was very pleased with your work and that you accommodated my need to move quickly.  I would be pleased to work with you again.

Victoria Smith
Family Law Lawyer


The service and quality of your product were both top notch.


I was extremely impressed with the professionalism, timeliness and efficiency of your work and the fact that you billed what you said you would was also great.  It was a pleasure working with you and I would definitely refer your firm and use you in the future.

Leanne LaRose
Kriens LaRose LLP


We were very impressed with you throughout the course of the retainer. We were also very impressed with the accuracy, thoroughness and timeliness of your final report.



Thank-you very much for all your help. I really appreciate it. I was surprised at the outcome of the settlement conference that we achieved a resolution. I thought it was a very good settlement for our client and certainly your reports helped substantially.



You have represented several clients of mine. They are all extremely happy with your service. I have known you to be intelligent, creative, honest and incredibly hard working. I would have no hesitation to refer you to anyone looking to find custom, creative and innovative solutions.